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(posted on 11 Jun 2013)

Hello to all my wonderful doll friends and customers

I hope everyone is having a great Summer and enjoying life.

It has now been twenty-three years that I have been making porcelain dolls full time, fourteen of those years with a Teaching Studio.

Presenting and selling doll "Heads only" has been very successful this year and I just sent two heads off to England yesterday, sold through my ebay store.

I have finished about half of the new heads I poured early this year, however, my hand has never healed up, and it limits how much I am able to do. Just a couple of hours cleaning greenware or painting on dolls and I am in agony with pain and the hand swells up so badly that I must use ice...and then rest it for the remainder of that day. I will not be able to go on this way.

I am at the point now, where after eighteen months of continuous pain, I can see clearly that this Basal Joint in my right hand is not going to heal up on its own. I have two choices,one is to have Basal Joint reconsruction surgery with a six month to one year recovery where I would be unable to use my hand at all, or to retire from earning my living through dollmaking.

I am presently looking at options for other work to earn an income to live on.

In the meantime, I am working as much as I am able to, on finishing up the many projects I have tucked away here and there in my studio. I do have many dolls that are partly finished and will offer them, if and when, I do have them ready to sell.

A few very outstanding and special dolls that I have kept aside for my own collection I have now listed for sale. As usual, all dolls and heads are available on layaway.

At this point in time I am not intending to pour anymore new dolls, so what you see for sale could be the last one of each doll unless I have others already poured or in the works.

I do hope to finish up partly made dolls, porcelain ornaments, figurines, half dolls etc. over time as I am able to.

Also I am actively seeking a buyer for much of my business inventory, that is immediately, I wish to sell about 50% of my molds, wigs, tools, paints, and a large amount of doll accessories... all the things that I know I will never use again. The buyer must pick up everything from my studio.

It has been a wonderful way to spend these many years creating so many lovely dolls that I know have given joy and comfort to many. I am ever grateful to all the dear ones who have supported me in this work for all these years.

Love and Blessings, Emily Hart