Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

Buying for Investment


There are many reasons why one may buy dolls, but if you want to be sure you are making a good investment there are a few things to consider.
The dolls that will increase in value are dolls made with integrity and skill, beauty and rarity.
Emily Hart dolls are all dated and signed by engraving into the back of the doll's head before the bisque firing.
Emily Hart dolls feature the very finest quality in porcelain, handblown glass eyes, finest Australian Mohair or Human Hair wigs, composition bodies and dressed in the very finest fabrics and laces as are appropriate for each kind of doll.
The most valuable Antique Reproduction Dolls are those that are replicas of the very rarest of the Antiques. In future, the dolls that have unique features such as rare eye colors, rare wig colors; ONE OF A KIND costumes and excellence in painting will be the dolls of the greatest value.
The very rarest dolls that should be in any Investment Collection are A. Marque, any dolls by Andre Thuillier, Aristide Halopeau, and Bru. The rare Rabery & Delphieu, rare Jumeau models 203, EJA, the Carrier-Belleuse model with applied ears (this is the Long Face Jumeau also known as Jumeau Triste and Cody Jumeau), Bourgoin Steiner C-series, Bruno Schmidt “Wendy”, Paris PAN, & Kestner AT.
Secondary French dolls would be any other Jumeaux, Paris Bebe, Bebe Francaise, Intrepide Bebe, & Figure A Steiners.
Secondary but important German dolls would be any of the Mein Liebling series, rare painted eyed dolls by Kammer and Reinhardt, such as model #109, known as Elsa, & Simon and Halbig dolls.
Rare dolls that may be added at some time to Emily’s mold collection are Mothereau, Rare Jumeau model 208, and others.
If you want personal advice on investment choices please write directly to Emily Hart through this website, or call 250 850 2032
As of November 2010 Emily has been officially in "retirement" though it will be some time before the business will be completely closed as over the years many projects have been started and now are being finished and some will still be offered for sale.