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(posted on 31 Jul 2012)

Hello to everyone...

I hope you are all having a wonderful happy and relaxing Summer.

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It's been quite a year so far... In spite of my not being able to work on porcelain for the past six months, due to my hand injury, I have still been able to dress up and present some new dolls...and a couple of new ones will be listed this week as I got new dresses yesterday.

I still have lots of partly made dolls ready and waiting for clothing.

Now, finally, after wearing a hand splint for a month, I can see a great improvement in my hand, and feel optimistic that I will be able to get into some painting again soon. I really want to get some gold painting done this Summer. I will continue to wear the splint as long as I need to.

Of course my great desire is to make new porcelain pieces again, so I take things little by little and perhaps I will try doing a pouring in the near future.

I have had very few heads for sale on their own this year, but if anyone wants a particular doll or head please let me know so that I can get it on the list for the next pouring.

I have been waiting for four months now for Hand Glass Craft to make up my eye order, but the good news is they are finally working on it now and hopefully I will have it in three weeks, so there will be wonderful new eyes to work with again. This time I ordered more of the dark blue that I have never had many of, and also the extra light blue that I tried for the first time with my last order and has been a huge success with everyone loving them.

I have made a couple of new big baby/toddler dolls from a Parker Levi Mold, Traci, that are just adorable, and I will be offering for sale as soon as they are dressed up. They also have Hand Glass Craft eyes and mohair wigs.

I have a closet full of beautiful modern dolls already made that need to be dressed, but I just haven't been able to sew with my injured hand either.

Some of you may have seen the incredible new jewellry I have been putting onto all the newest dolls. I found the most beautiful genuine Swarovski Crystal beads in many colors and different shapes, as well as genuine Swarovski glass pearls that I had never heard of before. Research has shown me that Swarovski invented the method of producing the crystals and glass pearls in the 1800's, so they are totally Historically correct to use for the Antique Reproduction dolls and in my mind this jewellry, though costly to make is really the icing on the cake for my dolls. I make each jewellry set myself to match the costume for each doll, and now I have added a braclet to the large bru and will be making more bracelets for some of the larger dolls.

Happy Dolling! Love, Emily