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(posted on 1 Sep 2013)

Hello to doll lovers everywhere!

It's September again and I am happy to say the July-August doll sale was a great success!

I have made a number of the wonderful ONE OF A KIND pure silk costumes with Antique laces for sale now. All costumes include the underwear and hand knitted socks!

Please don't hesitate to ask for more and larger photos as really everything I sell needs to be seen in larger photos that I am not able to show here on the website. I love to send you photos, and you will be so surprised how lovely it is to see them coming into your mailbox.

September 1st, and I am cleaning greenware today for new dolls. Wonderful dresses are being made for Deluxe Dolls that I hope will be finished by November.

You will see some faces that have not been around for a while, like Phenix Bebe, Jullian Bebe, and some of the brus that have been absent for a while.

I do hope to present some new HEADS ONLY as well, for those of you who just love to make your own costumes.

Jim Vickerman is still making doll bodies and I have had him use a latex paint for all my new doll bodies to eliminate the possibility of hairline cracks developing as have occasionally happened in the past due to humidity changes that slightly expand and contract the composition bodies.

If you order bodies let him know what finish you prefer... lacquer finish or latex paint.

I love this time of year, when the leaves are beginning to turn colors and I think of tucking myself in for the long colder weather and creating wonderful things.

I am just keeping my thoughts positive and doing as much each day as my injured hand will allow.

Hope everyone had a most wonderful Summer.... the good weather is not over yet, here in Western Canada we often have Indian Summer next with great fall flowers blooming in the gardens and lovely cool but sunny days...

Blessings to everyone and thank you for your prayers for healing my hand... I still need them...