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(posted on 13 Aug 2015)

Greetings to all my lovely doll friends...

August news is that everything is changing... a year ago the Mary Lambeth costumes came to a sudden end when her dressmaker, Shelby decided to quit....the costumes I had been using on my dolls for seven years... This year I was intending to make more costumes, however, so far I have only got the Halopeau finished and ended up selling most of the new pieces as “heads only”. It seems most people are wanting to finish and dress their own dolls.

As of a few days ago, suddenly, Joyce’s Compo Bodies is no more. For the past six years I have used, exclusively, the lovely Antique Reproduction doll bodies, meticulously made by Jim & Joyce Vickerman, however, a devastating fire has burnt their workshop to the ground, with all molds and doll body making equipment lost, and they will not be starting up again. I am grateful for the lovely friendship and great business relationship I have had with Jim and Joyce over these past years and wish them well in their retirement.

I have decided to take some time to rethink how my doll business will go in future.

The bodies I presently have on hand I will keep for finished dolls, therefore, I have taken off all the listings I had for undressed dolls.

More “heads only” will be offered with the suggestion that you order the bodies from New York Doll Products, http://www.nydpshopping.com/index.php?p=catalog&parent=57&pg=1 or from Dick Grube http://www.bisqueandbodies.com/index.php?cPath=25_24

I will be doing a new pouring of heads in the next few days, so if there is something you want made please let me know right away. I am only doing one or two pourings per year now.

I have a new order of mohair wigs being made for me at this time.

If you have any input into what you would like to see me make let me know. I do have a lot of molds I have not been making up for many years, such as Lady dolls in the 18 to 20 inch range that I can make the cloth bodies for myself. Also, I have molds for some sweet babies that take cloth bodies.

I have many modern child dolls partly made such as Jane Zidjunas’, Kallie, Elise, Georgia, Noelle, and May, as well as many of the Paul C. Jackson dolls with porcelain bodies.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer. As always, I appreciate all your beautiful emails and love it especially when you tell me what you would like to see me make in future.