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(posted on 7 Jul 2012)
Summer greetings to all my doll friends.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer and perhaps even going on some Vacations...
I know you don't see many doll heads for sale now... and not too many new faces this year...
I have been unable to work in porcelain since February this year when I completed the last batch of 25 new heads... some were sold before I had them finished and most of the rest have been made into finished dolls now, or are still waiting to be dressed.... A few remain available to buy.
The injury my hand sustained in making those last heads was not properly diagnosed ... that has resulted in even more damage now to my carpometacarpal joint at the base of my right hand... the hand that does all the aspects of my porcelain work...
It has taken five months to finally get a correct diagnosis... not only Osteoarthritis, but the ligaments that usually hold the bones in place were damaged and so the bones shifted and ground together doing even more damage.
At this time I am still unable to work on porcelain... my hand is in a splint and the Doctor is advising removal of the CMC bone in my hand...
I will not have the surgery as I have no faith that my hand will be able to function properly after a bone is removed. As well it would be a six month recovery where I would not be able to use my hand... it is not possible for me living alone with no help.
I am sorry to say that this may be the end of my work as a porcelain dollmaker.
I am nearly 67 years old now... I wish I did not have to give up this creative work that I love so much, but I am in so much pain every day and I cannot work anymore with my hand.
I pray that it will heal by some miracle now that I at least know what the problem is.
I will try hard to complete the dolls that I have partly made, but no porcelain parts will be made until my hand is healed... and that may not happen at all.
Love and blessings to you all, Emily