Emily Hart Dolls
Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

Simon & Halbig 1078

U.S. $6500.00 Susan doll 36 inches

Photo of Emily Hart with her 36 inch Simon & Halbig 1078 from the Seeley mold "Large Susan" that was created from a 52 inch Antique doll owned by Susan Seitinger, Emily's main teacher for porcelain dollmaking.

This costume was entirely made by Emily Hart from finest Chinese silk taffeta and Fabulous Reproduction laces from Europe. There is extensive beading on both the underwear and the dress and silk ribbon embroidery.. The wig was made from 28 inch long hair cut from Emily's friend and is all natural strawberry blonde with natural curl. Leather shoes and hand knitted socks. Undergarments are Swiss Nelona batiste.