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Hat Gibson Parian lady

U.S. $999.99 Very fine Parian Lady reproduction of a very rare doll.


Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking, creating reproduction doll since 1990

Presenting: The lovely Parian lady doll known as “The Hat Gibson”. The Antique of this doll is extremely rare.

This doll has never sold, but the price is literally dirt cheap on this doll and I will not go down in price any more than I already have…

At 19.5 inches, she is breathtaking to behold.

The doll's head, lower arms and lower legs with molded boots feature:

Poured in finest “Lady White" porcelain with many layers of China paint applied meticulously with up to 6 firings in between

Real Gold is applied to both the hat and boots, and is fired last.

Extra Fine painting done in 2001… this doll was never finished until December of 2015, so I am presenting her as a “new doll”

This doll is truly a rarity in both quality of painting, and "presence"… the doll is so labor-intensive to make, that I only made two of this model and may not ever make any more. The other one is presently being dressed by me.

Although I have finished very few China or Parian Lady dolls, I have many molds for them and will be completing several in future.

She has intaglio eyes, that is; they are not flat, but rather they are indented in the pupil area that creates a dimensional effect when you look at her.

I made her body out of strong muslin with bendable hips and knees so she could sit well.

She wears a copy of an Antique costume. I drafted up the pattern myself for her costume that consists of a traditional Gibson Girl high neck blouse with silk dress.

The blouse is made with costly French embroidered tulle lace, and is embellished with a tiny locket that opens and has an enameled rose on it.

The dress is pure silk with pure silk satin lining, and bears my own label. A beautiful French Lace ruffle trims the skirt bottom, as well as dainty rosebud trim.

I made the split drawers and petticoat out of the finest 100% cotton Dimity.

She comes with her stand.

Please note: I added extra trim onto this costume and am now re-listing her in 2023. Please write with any questions as I do not take returns.