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Bebe bru jne 10

SOLD & sent to Russia!

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking
French Bébé Antique Reproduction doll HEAD ONLY originally made by the firm of Bru circa 1885

Marked Bru jne 10 this is a small size of 8.5 inch head circumference.

This HEAD was beautifully painted in July of 2016

Poured in “Lady White” porcelain and with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between each layer

The skin tone is very lovely and pale and with eye shadow

She wears earrings of Genuine Swarovski glass pearls.

This doll head features the very finest French Paperweight hand blown solid glass eyes in “Blue/Grey” color by Hand Glasscraft of England with beautiful threading.

She features the finest high luster Australian mohair wig in palest strawberry blonde color with center part and soft curls.

On your own 11.5 to 12 inch French Child Body this head becomes a 15 to 15.5 inch doll.
I have used the New York Doll Products FB12 body to model this head on.

This listing is for head with pate, wig, earrings, and neck hook ready for easy attachment to your own body available from The Bell Collection in the U.S. call toll free 1-888-833-8725 to order French body FB11 b-413 or FB12 b-479 and be sure to ask for Bru lower arms.

(If I was ordering for myself I think I would select the 11 inch body)
As this is a new body making company, I can only suggest from their catalogue as I have not personally had any of these bodies yet.

Lovely clothing by Mary Lambeth is used for display only and not offered in this listing.

A step-by-step photo tutorial is on my own Emily Hart website if you need help understanding how the head goes onto a body.

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