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Bebe Bru jne 13

U.S. $5500.00 Finished Bebe Bru doll by Emily Hart with Rare Antique Laces costume by Mary Lambeth.

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking in 2019 CELEBRATING 29 YEARS IN DOLLMAKING.

Winner of over 50 International awards, Canada's Top Trophy and many Best of show Rosettes in International Competition

Presenting: French Bébé Antique Reproduction doll originally made the firm of Bru circa 1885 and marked Bru jne 13

This head was painted February of 2019

Poured in "Lady White" porcelain and with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between each layer

The skin tone is very lovely and pale and with eye shadow

This head features the very finest solid glass French Paperweight RADIAL THREADING eyes in light brown color by HAND GLASS CRAFT OF ENGLAND the absolute finest eyes available.

Her wig is the ultimate in New Zealand mohair in rich auburn tone brown with center part, bangs and soft curls.

She wears earrings & matching necklace of genuine Swarovski crystals and Swarovski glass pearls.

The body is French Bebe reproduction by Seeley, with porcelain bru lower arms made by Emily to match the head. Please note a very tiny imperfection in the body close to the dress neck edge.

Fabulous ONE OF A KIND outfit is made from the very RAREST GENUINE ANTIQUE LACES. The pure silk dress and bonnet is made from the most incredible jacquard-woven dark ecru coloured silk that is vintage and near impossible to find. The dark areas on the lace are actually metallic threads that are hard to show in photos.

Both bonnet and dress are embellished with Mary Lambeth’s famous ribbon flowers, this costume is so very extraordinary that Mary herself advised me never to sell it as this rare lace is just simply a once-in-a-lifetime find.

I offer this costume reluctantly, but my doll income is what I live on, and I am just not able to keep all the dolls and costumes I have.

Undergarments consist of 100% cotton bloomers and half slip that I have added genuine Antique lace to.

Hand knitted silk/rayon socks and silk brocade French style shoes with leather soles complete the outfit.

This doll stands 24 inches tall and 26.5 inches including the bonnet.