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Antique Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

Kestner Hilda

U.S. $329.99 Head only For your own body see description below for options.

Emily Hart, Grandmaster of Dollmaking Presents

Antique Reproduction doll HEAD ONLY marked 237 and known as “Hilda”, originally made by J. D. Kestner.

Features are:

Poured in Lady White porcelain with many layers of China paint meticulously applied and firings in between.

Very fine painting started in 1999 and finished in 2017 (oh yes, I have had many heads partly painted for years, sitting in drawers, patiently waiting for me to finish them) This year I did finish two Hildas and here is one of them.

This doll has an open mouth with two porcelain teeth and felt tongue.

Australian mohair wig with overall soft curls in lovely pale ash blonde color, these wigs are custom made for Emily Hart dolls. You can re-style this wig to have less curl and of course you can cut it shorter if you want the real baby look, but as it is, she can be either a baby or a toddler as the Antique doll was presented both ways.

Authentic Antique hollow blown glass blue/hazel eyes in German style exactly what the antique dolls would have had.

This head fits your own 12.5 inch bent leg baby body or 14.75 inch toddler style body.

This listing is for head with pate, wig, and neck hook ready for easy attachment to your own body available from The Bell Collection order, either:

Bent leg baby body BB125 B415b1 or

Straight leg toddler body SBB15 B364b2

Alternatively, Dick Grube makes composition dolls check out dollstomake

Lovely clothing Antique clothing is used for display only and not offered in this listing.